Written Words

I always remember hearing about how we should never leave something in writing that could compromise a future personal opinion. Something like: words written in the sand , time can make them disappear, in the stone they are forever. In other words, something I always heard was: think twice before writing and posting something. I believe this is one of the learning that life has shown me that is not quite so.

Writing is good, even if something can happen in the future that somehow re-signifies what was written. Writing, in my opinion, helps to make it clear to ourselves what we think, who we are, and what we believe.

Personal truth is very focused on the set of experiences we have, the truth about me for instance , being   told by a third party can usually be accompanied by an opinion or an analysis of a fact lived by me, and then you know it…

Before writing this post I was thinking, “What did I think I knew and what do I know about writing today?” Concludes that I thought I knew it was better not to write (and publish), because what is written gets registered and this seemed to be something not very positive.

Well it is positive. It is a way to concretize the moment lived. It will not change the facts lived by a person, which deserve, in my opinion,  to be described by the person who lived the fact the situation.

Where am I going with all this? I’m going down the new path that is the way to leave in writing what I believe and what I know as truth. Without written words, often love, attitudes, actions can not communicate intentions in a real way. What written words do. That which I thought I knew, that it was best to avoid writing, encounter to the contrary, writing is liberating.

So I want to say that I am happy to be able to write and to be able to communicate these truths that I thought I knew that today I see very differently, or I see confirmed. These thoughts I am saying during the second stage of my life. Writing is liberating and will mean that in the future who knows 30 years I can see and understand better who this 50 year old woman was. That every year that passes is closer to Mom’s age, at the time of her life when she went to live on the higher plane next to her father.

One thought on “Written Words

  1. Writing is like taking a picture. The same scenery will never repeat again, so this is the important thing. Even if, as you noticed in your post, we regret something in the future. Changing minds for a personal reason is completely human 🙂 The problem arises when it is somebody else that forces you to change your point of view, or when the reason is completely banal…
    Greetings from Spain!!

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