Common sense

I realize that the basis of my acquired values ​​and that I recognize in my current life only makes sense, if something that, in the course of my life, was spoken, with great intensity. I also realize that, and throughout my experiences I learned, that this intensity, forced one action “to be” desired above others, this “something” is common sense. It is a practical wisdom not learned in schools or books, just living. My nephew Lucas,says that the ancient Greeks called this wisdom of Phronesis, the highest knowledge of human ethics. Yes, above all knowledge, whether in the world of work or in the personal world, common sense can still be the key when making a decision.

Having been educated in a Catholic family, fundamental foundations of Catholicism, were part of my formation. The path of roses, the path of the thorns, be like Mary, love disinterested love, Jesus walking on water, preaching from the top of the mountain, the transfiguration of Christ. Today, I realize, my common sense has this basis, solid foundation. In a moment of justified rage, in which all my instincts scream for a reaction that could cause pain in the people around me, common sense speaks louder. It works like an antivirus, which protects and does not let me be contaminated by the polluted environment around me.

Looking at my present and my past I realize this, my common sense is based on very simple laws. Solidified by the education I received from my family in childhood, and beyond, from my surroundings as well. Talking to Father Santo Guerra about the Bible, he taught me that the flood meant that God, the creator, had given a second chance to humanity (my first Eucharist catechist, Inez Rosseto, asked him to talk to me about it, because, I was asking a lot of questions on the subject). That day, I was sitting on the warm step of the balcony that was in front of the canonical house, he was drinking chimarrão. After speaking of the flood, he gave a big smile and mentioned how it would be best for me to follow the stories of Jesus. In the Old Testament, the figure of Jesus did not yet exist, he came to us to teach us and clarify many things, I never forgot that moment.

I realize that my “hard core” is a Catholic family. Today after so many years, after receiving formal education, and have lived the first half of my life. I realize that the meaning of my life, what is at the center of my life, which forms my common sense, are exactly these teachings of my early years. I realize the existence of easy and difficult moments, which involved fundamental decisions, easy and difficult, and in them common sense has guided me. I also feel, and with great joy, that I am comfortable within my own skin, for I know what I did built with my story. This also means knowing that being part of other people’s lives, near or distant, involves taking this common sense, and leaving a little of myself with each one of them.

Does this mean that I know the whole truth, that I do not make mistakes? No, it is far from my pretensions. But I know what’s underpinning my values, what makes me be me. Many people may not agree with what I do, or what I believe. And this is good. I do not want a world full of Aidas. I just want you to know that I desire only good, even to my enemies. And in this my common sense helps me, it helps to guide my intentions into what I believe. The time has passed to try to be something different, or something new. Today, I know, and I learned that I am, I am Aida, and every day I like it more.

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